Il Ristorante

Sink your feet in the sand, let yourself be inebriated by the smell of the sea and finally whet your appetite with our tasty skewers made with sardines, shrimps, calamari and small squids, cooked on the traditional “focone” (a big grill with sand and embers) and accompanied by a fresh and sparkling white wine. This is the real taste of happiness ! Come and try it at our restaurant ! Since 1951 our good and tasty dishes, served directly on the pier, have elicited a smile from our guests.

At the restaurant Da Gher history and tradition meet innovation. Our menu is full of dishes prepared with fresh selected local fish and seafood: not only pilchards and other so-called “pesce povero” (poor people’s fish), but also soles and monkfish, sole soup and finally the famous handmade skewers, the most renown in Riccione, cooked directly on the “focone” (traditional grill).

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