Restaurant Da Gher is a restaurant in Riccione, which still offers traditional Romagna dishes, prepared with fish and seafood of the Adriatic Sea. Fish and seafood is chosen with the utmost care and attention by our kitchen staff and prepared according to old recipes, that is in a simple way, so to enhance its taste.

At the restaurant Da Gher you can taste a delicate risotto with seafood, finely chopped fresh fish, parsley and shucked local clams (generally served “plain” for the most delicate palates or “with red sauce” made of fresh tomatoes), grilled fish or fritto misto with fish and vegetables or, if you prefer, grilled sardines or skewers made of shrimps, squids and sardines.

If you are planning a romantic evening with long walks on the promenade of Riccione and a dinner by the sea, at our restaurant you can talk to your beloved while tasting an appetiser of breaded anchovies and arugula with a sour raspberry sauce, excellent first courses with mantis shrimps and homemade pasta, “Gher’s crudité” consisting of fresh raw fish, shrimps, prawns and scallops, oysters, tuna steak on a bed of sprouts and chives, amberjack carpaccio with pistachio nuts and pineapple or tasty baked mackerel fillets on a bed of crispy “panzanella” (typical bread and vegetables salad). And at the end pamper yourself with Gher’s sweet specialities, cakes and pastries.

* We remind our customers that, according to the season, we whet their appetite with special dishes not listed in the menu. Ask our staff


On a spring Sunday, after a long walk on the beach or a bike ride with the kids, there’s nothing better than sitting right on the beach at the restaurant Da Gher, warmed by the sun. The blue sea a few metres away, the smell of salt, a bottle of wine on the table and some appetisers to whet your palate before lunch.

Restaurant Da Gher offers many delicious simple and savoury appetisers to taste the best fish of the Adriatic Sea.

All of our many specialties are delicious. Among the appetisers, you can taste a unique recipe that you can find only here. It is a dish the grandfather used to prepare in the fifties and it still remains one of our flagship dishes for its uniqueness and delicacy: the small sea snails in “guazzetto” (stewed). It is a simple recipe with a distinctive flavour, which brings you back to childhood days and to Sunday dinners at home. The sea snails are served with a slightly spicy tomato sauce. A perfect dish to do “la scarpetta” (that is to mop up the plate with bread), as our grandparents did. In the past it was a dish consumed primarily by fishermen, but today it has become a very popular dish, because of the difficulty in finding the small sea snails.

The restaurant menu, however, includes much more: you can order an “octopus pie” with potatoes and celery or a delicious smoked salmon, prepared in a very unusual way. Salmon is baked and then smoked on wooden sticks. In this way, the salmon is cooked in a delicate and natural way thanks to the use of the sticks.

Finally, if you have never tasted them, you cannot miss the boiled mantis shrimps served on a “bed” of fresh chopped parsley with a drop of vinaigrette. The restaurant Da Gher offers traditional recipes prepared in a new and original way to satisfy the palate of the most nostalgic guests and of those who love good food.

Raw Fish

A great dinner awaits you at the restaurant Da Gher, where in the summer you can sit on the patio overlooking the sea. Walking along the port of Riccione, the restaurant Da Gher is just at the end of the pier. It’s one of the historic restaurants of Riccione and since the 50’s it allows tourists and residents to taste traditional recipes of the past, but not only. In fact, alongside the classic traditional Romagna fish and seafood dishes, you can taste exquisite delicacies prepared with renewed originality by our kitchen team. Among these, it is important to mention the crudités (raw fish): scampi, shrimps, scallops and Fine de claire oysters. These latter are renowned for their quality. They are, in fact, cultured for years in special marine basins in France following a method that guarantees that their meat remains fleshy and tasty. These oysters are especially appreciated by those who look for a strong marine flavour.

At the restaurant Da Gher crudités are fresh and tasty. They are served with wisdom by the skilled cooks of our staff, paying utmost attention to preserve the typical taste of fresh fish and the aromatic scent of the dressing.

For a light meal, you can order this raw fish with fresh side dishes like our “pinzimonio”, a dish of raw vegetables, onions, carrots and celery or maybe a salad.

Restaurant Da Gher offers an ever-changing menu based on the catch of the day and the season. We pay the utmost care in choosing the ingredients used to prepare the crudités. Since fish and seafood will be tasted raw, we offer our customers only the best high quality products.

Come and taste them! You will not regret it!

First courses

For over 50 years restaurant Da Gher has brought joy to the table for all the loyal customers, who came back to visit us. Da Gher is now a safe haven for all lovers of good traditional cuisine. Here you can still find the old traditional recipes, prepared as in the past. All ingredients are fresh and chosen by our kitchen staff. Some dishes have always been on our menu. Among the first courses you can find the unmissable “tagliolini alla vecchia maniera” (old-fashioned style thin noodles) with shucked clams and tomato sauce. Whether you are one of our loyal customers or someone wanting to try the flavour of traditional fish cuisine, you cannot miss this dish. There are also more classical, but not less tasty, recipes, such as : passatelli (homemade bread, eggs and parmesan pasta) with fresh sea bass fillets and plain sauce or the unmissable pasta “allo scoglio” with fish and shellfish.

Another flagship dish at the restaurant Da Gher are “strozzapreti” (homemade pasta) with mantis shrimp sauce. All the ingredients used to prepare the dishes on the menu are chosen with care and attention by the kitchen staff. We always use high quality fish and vegetables. All our pasta is hand-rolled and always fresh.

All this creates a premium quality menu with traditional dishes and a hint of originality.

There is a real delicacy on our menu: the fish soup prepared with deboned sole, fresh tomato and “quadrucci” (square small pasta). The soup is still prepared following the original grandmother’s recipe, that has not changed over sixty years. If you have never tasted this dish, we recommend you to try it. You will not regret it!

The menu of the restaurant Da Gher changes according to the catch of the day. Come and visit us. We are right on the port of Riccione, by the sea. Da Gher is the ideal location for business lunches and dinners as well as romantic tête-à-tête.

Second courses

On a warm sunny spring morning, there is nothing better than a walk on the beach with the whole family. Then, on the way back, you can stop at the restaurant Da Gher, on the port of Riccione, and have something good to eat. Everyone likes the dishes of the restaurant Da Gher, whether they are looking for ancient flavours or they simply want originality when they go to the restaurant. On the menu of the restaurant Da Gher you can find some historical traditional recipes, prepared as in the past by the grandmother, after grandfather Gher had returned from fishing. Some of these have made history and have become symbols of our restaurant, such as the classic skewers with squids, shrimps, calamari and sardines, cooked on the “focone” (traditional grill). Returning from fishing, the fishers emptied their nets and put the fish on long skewers, then cooked it on the sand with small pieces of charcoal. Other recipes, instead, have been revised with originality by our chef.

You can also try the excellent grilled oily fish, with mackerels and sardines. Usually all types of fish, which is small, but rich in nutrients, are called “pesce povero” (poor people’s fish).

Other delicious second courses are: grilled stuffed squids or the classic grilled pilchards “scottadito” (very hot) served directly on the grill. Finally, we should not forget to mention our crispy fritto misto, with fried shrimps, calamari and vegetables.

As a side dish you can order a “pinzimonio” vegetable platter with fresh onions, carrots and raw celery, a portion of hand-cut French fries to nibble between two courses, or rich salads, which are ideal during summer.

And if you do not know what to choose, ask our waiters for suggestions. The menu of the restaurant Da Gher is always full of new dishes, according to the season and the catch of the day.


At the restaurant Da Gher food lovers and gluttons for sweets will surely find something… or rather a dessert to sink their teeth into! The famous Italian aphorism “God created food, but certainly the devil created the cooks” perhaps is not entirely wrong, because the desserts you’ll find at the restaurant Da Gher are a real temptation you can hardly resist. Our Chef enjoys provoking all those who are on a diet with his delicious combinations, that tickle the palate.

The desserts of the restaurant Da Gher are the best way to end a fish dinner or lunch. Do not miss these delicacies if you want to leave the table with a smile.

Our desserts are excellent to taste even on a cold winter evening, while enjoying the romantic sight of the sea from our veranda. Restaurant Da Gher is right on the port of Riccione and is an ideal location both for romantic dinners and corporate or business events.