Restaurant Da Gher is a restaurant in Riccione, which still offers traditional Romagna dishes, prepared with fish and seafood of the Adriatic Sea. Fish and seafood is chosen with the utmost care and attention by our kitchen staff and prepared according to old recipes, that is in a simple way, so to enhance its taste.

At the restaurant Da Gher you can taste a delicate risotto with seafood, finely chopped fresh fish, parsley and shucked local clams (generally served "plain" for the most delicate palates or "with red sauce" made of fresh tomatoes), grilled fish or fritto misto with fish and vegetables or, if you prefer, grilled sardines or skewers made of shrimps, squids and sardines.

If you are planning a romantic evening with long walks on the promenade of Riccione and a dinner by the sea, at our restaurant you can talk to your beloved while tasting an appetiser of breaded anchovies and arugula with a sour raspberry sauce, excellent first courses with mantis shrimps and homemade pasta, "Gher’s crudité" consisting of fresh raw fish, shrimps, prawns and scallops, oysters, tuna steak on a bed of sprouts and chives, amberjack carpaccio with pistachio nuts and pineapple or tasty baked mackerel fillets on a bed of crispy “panzanella” (typical bread and vegetables salad). And at the end pamper yourself with Gher's sweet specialities, cakes and pastries.

* We remind our customers that, according to the season, we whet their appetite with special dishes not listed in the menu. Ask our staff