At Ristorante Da Gher you can taste the best skewers of Riccione and the famous "rustida di pesce" (typical dish of grilled fish), broiled on the "focone", as did seamen fifty years ago, when they came back from fishing, emptied the catch of the day on the beach, prepared simple delicious skewers and cooked them on the sand with the embers, thus maintaining the flavour of the fish unaltered.

Skewers, however, are not the only delight you can find at the restaurant Da Gher. Fish is still prepared according to traditional recipes: breaded anchovies, old-style “tagliolini alla vecchia maniera” (old-fashioned style thin noodles) with a special homemade tomato sauce and shucked local clams, homemade "passatelli" (bread, eggs and parmesan pasta) with fresh sea bass sauce, shucked clams and a hint of pesto, mackerel fillets, tagliolini with seafood or the classic grilled fish.

And then the little specialities, practically impossible to find elsewhere, such as the fish soup with quadrucci (small squared flat pasta) or the appetizer of small sea snails, mussels and clams of the Adriatic Sea. You can taste them sitting comfortably on the patio overlooking the port, on a hot summer evening or a warm spring day, when Riccione wakes up after winter inactivity.  And if you can not resist eating at Da Gher in winter, don't worry. The restaurant is always open and you can taste our specialities sitting in the heated veranda and watching the romantic winter sea.